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Through the Seasons: Spring

Please pray for our teams and the children and families we serve as we are having to suspend our group meetings on-site right now. We do plan to distribute Easter bags to the children to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. This week we continue our reflection of 2019 with a peek into our past Spring which certainly will look very different to Spring 2020.

Spring 2019 was a busy season!

On top of our weekly lessons and fun, we were able to have an Easter celebration at every site where every child received a Bible. We also bussed three sites to the Passion Play, which led 8-year-old-Zoryiah to trust Christ for salvation upon returning to Desert Winds that evening!

We are excited to share with you Site Leader Angela Holden's insight on Zoryiah's salvation. Please watch the video for an awesome story of God's amazing saving grace in the heart of a child! #Easter #JPP2019 #FundayschoolJax


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