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Betty and Burl Traylor founded Sidewalk Funday School in 1996. The inspiration for Funday School came to Betty and Burl after they started serving with an inner city ministry and visited New York City. There they met Bill Wilson, founder of Metro Ministries, an inner city ministry.  


​One year later they stepped out of their comfort zone and began to minister to children unable to attend Sunday School and Church. In the playground of a public housing community in Jacksonville, Florida, they set up their equipment, where they taught praise songs, memory verses, and shared the love of Jesus Christ. Within a short time, they were ministering four days a week at four different community sites.


At the end of 2014, Kimberly Hansen became president of Sidewalk Funday School shortly before Betty passed away on March 6, 2015.   Today in 2024,  We are known as Sidewalk Ministries with an expanded mission.

                   Read the Spring 2015 newsletter honoring Betty.

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