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"Why are we not living like missionaries right here at home? After all, God had only one Son, and He made Him a missionary. Jesus calls us to be missionaries, too! He said that just as His Father sent Him into the world, He was sending us (John 20:21). We are to be on mission in our everyday lives with the goal of sharing the Gospel as we go. (Matthew 28:18-20). Missions are not just about crossing the sea with the Gospel. It is also about crossing the street with the Gospel. Sidewalk Funday School, A Children's Church is a great opportunity to join in the Great Commission. I endorse this ministry without hesitation."


Ricky Powell, Senior Pastor

Fort Caroline Baptist Church

Jacksonville, FL

Listen to Pastor Heath Lambert, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church Jacksonville speak about Sidewalk Funday School.

"Sidewalk Funday School is reaching untold numbers of children for Christ in a segment of our City that is unreached and desperately needs to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their team is well equipped with hearts for children and a burden to see them and their families reached for Christ."


I highly recommend, without any reservation, Sidewalk Funday School, A Children’s Church, led by Kimberly and Richard, as a way to fulfill the Great Commission."

Because of Him,

Mac Brunson, Pastor

Valleydale Church

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